Metal Roofing Adelaide Hills

Metal Roofing Adelaide Hills

If you are considering metal roofing in the Adelaide Hills, the best choice you can make is Colorbond roofing. Colorbond steel is especially crafted to Australian conditions and is one of the strongest, most advanced building materials in the world. Colorbond is ideal for the harshest climates in Australia and has been tried and proven for the last 45 years.

The great thing about Colorbond is that just like its name suggests, it comes in a range of colours. There are 20 designer colours to choose from, which you can mix and match with your fascia, guttering and downpipes.

Not only does Colorbond look great but every colour in the standard Colorbond steel range has Thermatech solar reflective technology. This technology makes your home more comfortable all year round and energy efficient as it reflects more of the summer sun. This means a reduction in power bills as you don’t have to rely so heavily on your air conditioner.

Overall, by choosing Colorbond roofing in the Adelaide Hills you are guaranteed beautiful looking roofing that has a long life span.

Polycarbonate Roofing Adelaide Hills

Polycarbonate roofing is a great option for the Adelaide Hills as it is very versatile. The material is very extraordinary as it lends itself to being used in a range of different ways. For example, there are a vast number of glazing systems that can be used with polycarbonate sheets.

With new technological advancements, polycarbonate roofing is become a very popular option. It comes in a range of colours and profiles, as well as providing 99.9% UV protection from the sun. The sheets come in clear bronze or opal and are available in 10mm, 16mm and 25mm. There is also the option of twin triple or five walled sheets.