Roof Restoration vs Roof Replacement

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Which One To Choose? 

Like all other house structures, your roofing also has a limited lifespan and eventually will need to be serviced, repaired, upgraded, or completely replaced. When it comes to fixing your roof, there are different options available to you. However, roof replacement vs. roof restoration is not always such an easy decision. In many cases, the best choice ultimately rests on the extent of damage that is done and the roofing material.  Knowing the difference between roof restorations Adelaide and roof replacement Adelaide will help you make an informed decision when it’s time to give your worn-out or damaged roof a fresh lease of life or a complete makeover.

The Difference Explained 

Roof replacement is a term used for tearing off your old roofing materials down and installing all-new roofing components to give your roof a new lease of life. Basically, it means replacing your existing roof with a new, improved one. On the other hand, roof restoration focuses on the roof as a whole and upgrades it all. Repairing minor issues, thorough cleaning, detailed roof inspection, ridge capping, applying protective coatings etc. helps keep your roof safe and clean and adds years of additional life that is covered in roof restoration work.

  • Roof restoration is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to roof replacement.
  • Getting a roof restoration is quicker than a full roof replacement.
  • Some roofing material choices are better candidates for restoration than others. 

If your roof is deteriorating, the best thing to do is to ask for a professional’s opinion to assess its condition.

Benefits of Roof Restoration Adelaide

A roof restoration is a great way to boost your home’s safety and aesthetic appeal. It will add an extra 10 to 15 years to the life of your roof. Here are just a few of the many benefits of a getting your roof restored:

  • Prevent future damage and leaks
  • Improve your home’s energy efficiency
  • Extend your roof’s life
  • Increase your home’s value

Benefits of Roof Replacement Adelaide

A roof replacement is not an easy decision yet it’s one of the most necessary replacements you need to make if the roof is rapidly deteriorating. Some benefits are:

  • Get a new roof over your head
  • Energy savings are significant
  • Enjoy a fresh new look and enhanced curb appeal
  • More long-lasting security and stability
  • You can choose to change your roof’s design to make it more effective and energy efficient.
  • Re-roofing allows you to choose the exact type of roof you want, in your choice of material and colour.

Trust the Roof Experts Adelaide 

The team at Scoots Roofing has provided the residents of Adelaide with top quality roof repairs, roof replacement and roof restoration services for more than 13 years. We go the extra mile to give you a durable roof and an overall experience rare in the roofing industry with quality workmanship and integrity. When you work with us, you will never have to think twice about your roof again!

What our Customers are saying?

Uprgraded from tiles to iron roof. Looks amazing.x The only tradies I have known that cleaned up after themselves, they left it cleaner than when they arrived! Friendly and efficient. Highly recommended.

- Jane Moloney

These guys did our roof 2 years ago! We were so happy with their advice, friendly manner, efficiency and workmanship! Even came in under budget. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

- Lisa Halling

Luke and team did an excellent and professional job on our new roof. We couldn’t be happier with the result. Thanks boys!

- Aggie Van Eyk
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