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To repair your leaky roof, you need an expert on leaking roof repairs in Adelaide. Scoots Roofing is a reliable and experienced company that will correctly identify and rectify the source of the leak. We assure you that the leak will not come back.

Our rich experience in the detection and correction of leaky roof problems provides you with long-term protection.An expert fix at a competitive price is guaranteed to you by our team of experts at Scoots Roofing. Connect with us to discuss your roofing needs with our profound engineers now.

What causes a roof leak?

Roof leakage can happen because of multiple reasons. We have been providing services for roof repairs Adelaide from a long time, meaning our team is experienced in finding the problem and working towards a resolution.

Hailstorms or excessive rain can occasionally damage your roof, which requires an urgent repair.  We offer services for emergency roof repairs Adelaide, and will resolve and attend to your problem in a short time-frame.

Whether the leak is caused by damaged tiles, water clogging, incorrect design or wear and tear, our team thoroughly checks the problem to find out the root cause.

Once the cause is identified, repairing the problem area is a straightforward task for us.

We correctly diagnosis and promptly repair

It is certainly not an effortless task to search and find out the exact source of a roof leak problem, as water can enter the roof at one place and run down to another area. It can often be too late when you notice the water seeping through the ceiling.

A roof leak requires a detailed investigation. When you call Scoots Roofing, skilled engineers make a comprehensive inspection of the water damage, providing a report on both obvious and obscure leak sources.

We provide our recommendation with an estimated cost of the repair. With our extensive experience, we can address the problem busing the best, and most appropriate solution.

Does your roof have leakage problem?

Whether it’s an aging roof or a damage after a massive storm, having a roof leakage is more than just inconvenient. If ignored, a leakage can potentially cause extensive damage, and become a threat to the stability of the structure.

There is no need to put up with a leak in the roof when Scoots Roofing is here to fix it! Emergency or regular, every roof leak gets our thorough treatment. We are always commitment to providing you with a quality service.

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    What our Customers are saying?

    Uprgraded from tiles to iron roof. Looks amazing.x The only tradies I have known that cleaned up after themselves, they left it cleaner than when they arrived! Friendly and efficient. Highly recommended.

    - Jane Moloney

    These guys did our roof 2 years ago! We were so happy with their advice, friendly manner, efficiency and workmanship! Even came in under budget. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    - Lisa Halling

    Luke and team did an excellent and professional job on our new roof. We couldn’t be happier with the result. Thanks boys!

    - Aggie Van Eyk
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