Metal Roof vs Tile Roof: What is the Better Roof Choice?

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Nothing is more important in a house than the roof –  it protects you and your family from harmful elements outside and adds to your property’s overall visual appeal. With your roof accounting for almost 40 percent of your home’s exterior, many people base their impression of your house on the condition of your roof. With a wide variety of materials and an even wider price range, it’s important to choose the best roof material for your roof restoration in Adelaide and the suburbs. In this blog, we have explained the difference between metal roofs vs tile roofs and our roofing experts are sharing some key points that one must consider when choosing between the two.  

Metal Roof vs Tile Roof: What To Consider

Lifespan: with regular maintenance and upkeep a tile roof lasts about five decades (50 years) and a metal roof lasts close to 40 years. 

Style & Designs: Versatile and customizable, metal roofs work for most architectural designs. Metal roofs come in various designs and have a better resale value, whereas, tile roofs have limited design and style features. 

Weight: Metal roofs are lightweight materials that are easy to install while tile roofs are heavy and need additional support or structures to support their weight. 

Maintenance: You should consider how easy it will be to maintain the roof in the future. Metal roofs are prone to dullness, damage, and denting, In case of adverse situations it can get damaged and would require entire sheet replacement. However, in a tiled roof, small areas and single tiles can be easily replaced and repaired. Tiled roofs don’t suffer from dents and only break due to huge impact. 

Cost: Metal roof is more expensive upfront and tile roofs are generally cheaper to install (depending on the tile). Like all other house structures, your roofing also has a limited lifespan and eventually will need to be serviced, repaired, upgraded, or completely replaced. It is important to factor in this cost when making the final decision.

Functionality: The main function of a roof is to protect you from external elements such as temperature, noise, and weather. When choosing your roof material, consider the activities you do have in your home, as well as your location and local climate.

Roof choice is not always about personal preference. Metal roofs add style and resale value – this works best if you’re looking for an affordable roofing solution that also makes your house look visually appealing. Meanwhile, the tile roof is extra durable, helping you save on the cost of future repairs.

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